Monday, March 3, 2014


(In response to my stating we are having super cold -40c weather...)um ewwww. thats grose. icky icky icky. well it's be kind overcast and rainy this week, but i think its clearing up. so stuff to tell you, so one of our investigstors dropped us, sad face. but we got a new one that we are both sooo excited about. like tottaly pumped. sister W just thought it be cool if you two could converse so she sent her mom your info and i sent you her's.
ok. on wedensday we went to mutual with the laurals and painted pottery. was much fun. Saturday was J's baptism and that was just so spectacular! There's a song we listen to and I think the lyrics go well with the situation, " The most wonderful sound I ever heard, was the sound of water running in the church. As someone I'd come to love got dressed in white, my eyes saw their first glimpse of heaven's light."

so happy.

so if you could look up Kokopeli for me that wouild be awesome. i think he's good luck and like, the god of fertility or something but he's everywhere here. i have pics.

i love the Sawyers. they are so fun. (A family in the ward she is serving in)

yup yup. so a few days ago i tripped and it wasn't spectacular or anything but i jarred my wrist pretty good and i pulled a muscle in my leg. luckily we have a massage therapist in the ward and she's helped.

well im running out of time.

love you lots



Canadian Gold

Dear momma,

I heard about the medals, sooooo happy and proud and rubbing it in my comps face in a nice way. but yeah, Canada dominates Hockey.

so it's all warm here starting to be green and robins are everywhere. all is well. ummmmmmmm ooh yeah. if you could in my Easter pkg send some talks by John Bytheway and Hank Smith. sooo funny and I want some. sister F is cute. we were greeting and handing programs and she came and shook my comps hand and said "you I need to hug" and hugs me and says" this is from your mom" and I say " sister F." yeah. 'twas awesome. so it's funny how the people in the area have more contact with you that I do....

I don't have a lot of time this week so it's shorter that usuall, sorry, I guess i'm like chayce. (Chayce's letters home were usually shorter than this one)

but I do get to go to J's baptism. i'll take pic.

love you

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Tender Mercies...

So I have become Facebook Friends with the mother of a missionary serving in our ward...who just happens to be from Kaylee's mission, specifically, the stake she is currently serving in. As this wonderful missionary mother is serving in the Stake Primary Presidency, she travels to other wards to visit. Today (Sunday, February 23, 2014) she met my sweet missionary daughter on a visit. Here is the message she wrote me...

"I just delivered a hug from you to your beautiful missionary daughter! She was greeting people at the door of her ward as I was leaving the ward conference of the 9:00 ward. I went up and shook her companions hand and then looked at her and said "For you, though, I have a hug." And she hugged me and said "Sister Fairbanks!" I didn't even have to tell her who I was. She is doing great! She's super cute!"

Love that my missionary daughter is being looked after and loved by the members! :)


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Great things are happening...

February 18, 2014

Yes package sorry i ment to tell you last week but i forgot. we wore the socks on friday. i got both the eatmore bars cause sister W is allergic to nuts....yup...they were yummy! Just as i prommised i took pictures of stuff. i'll probebly have to send like 3 emails to fit them all.

cool about rob, i'll pray for him ;)

awesome sause about elder R! (Elder R is our friend who finally got his visa for the Netherlands and left this week after serving in Ohio for almost 3 months)
ooooo so J is getting baptised on march 1st and im going to get permission to go cause she wants me to sing and bare testimony and i love her soooo much! it technicaly wont be my baptism but it so is.

not fun on the hurt toes...sad face :(

nice pic of chayce, that's hot... i liked the group letter, so funny.

so we've been doing better, we have like 1 investigator and like 3 potentials that we have appointments to go see. things are moving forward. forward!

sooo Sister W's old collage roommate is coming to our mission next mounth. yeah...i wonder if'f she'll be training her but i doubt it cause it doesnt make sence for them to split us up since we're white washing the area but it's happend before and you never know with President murdock, or the Lord i suppose. we'll see what happens we still have 3 weeks in the transfer so...

yup yup. so we have a BIG zone training tomorrow when i say BIG i mean LONG like from 7:30 - 3:30, that's 8 hours, president will be coming and doing interviews. sooo LONG. we have to get up super early to be there on time.

so that's my life,

love you much much




February 10, 2014

NOOOO WAYYYYY President Prince. has a nice ring to it. Our old bishop was called to be Stake President...)
the Sawyers who we had dinner with told me about Elder Fairbanks mom. I'll be sure to look for her. not that i know what she looks like but anyways. the Sawyers are soo funny. they raise rabits for meat so we both got pelts. lol they dont start buchering until like march so no meat for us. adn they've offered us the option to come and go as we please even if tehy're not there we can come in and raid the fridge. (why does fridge have a 'd' but refrigerator doesnt?) tehy promised they'd keep sherbet for me and popcicles fro my comp. soo funny.

soooo we mostly go visit the members but we did get 3 new gators on saterday while i was in GJ on exchanges. but while i was there i met some very strange people. had a nice conversation with one. she's not interested but it was still good. and one reeealllllly missinformed old man...reeeealllly missinformed....

anyways. I havent aken any pics but i promise i will this week. Promise.

loving you lots

Where in the world is Sister J?

February 3, 2014

Sister Johnson is in Fruita. Fruita 2nd. we're white washing the area meaning that we're basically starting from scratch. the elder who were here last transfer had to be emergency transferred due to disobedience and they left it a big giant mess of messy stuff. so we need to work on getting the members back in to the swing of missionary work and get our books all up to date and cleaned up. today we're going to be shopping in Junction and cleaning our apartment cause it really needs it. like bad.

I'm kind of stressed but we've been given some good ideas on how to move forward. Sister W is my new companion. she's nice.

oooooooo funny talk. Hank Smith 'Friends' sooooooooo funny! listen to it. oh, could you possibly in your next package send me some talks like from John Bytheway and the like? I havent gotten you'r package yet but it should be coming. It must be hard to keep track of all the missionaries and their mail. lol.

ok so the pics they were all gators. J is on date for baptism along with her two children. I'm praying that I'll be able o go . I'll probably need special permission but I don't think it should be a problem cause we're not that far from Delta. and we're really close to Utah. like 15 miles away from Utah, like our area goes all the way to Utah. we're the very faaaarrrrr end of the mission.

if you could make sure I have some money in my account. we have some hard core shopping to do and I need a GPS. not now but later.

If you could tell Chayce. My companion is Jeremy from Studio C's sister. And he just had a baby boy two days ago. I'm in the know.

so yeah. that's my life in Fruita. Frutia is like Drumheller, Dinosaurs every where. they have some trail and museums that we'll probably go to some day.


love you much much,



This week.....short and sweet

January 27, 2014

Dear mommy,

let me explain some slang terms so you'll understand. you trainer in the mission is called your parent so sis D is my mom, her trainer is my grandma and so forth. If two missionaries get a third to train together they have a child. cause we're cool like that. so we had exchanges with the bosses I went up to Montrose with Sister B (My Grandma) when we got back sister D tells me we're having a baby! yay so we get to co train a greeny. fast forward to the next day being Friday. we get a call from President saying that I would be transferred and sister D will get two companions. a greeny and another one. sooooo we spent much time rearranging the room to fit another bed and desk... sooooo I'm leaving Delta. will find out where tomorrow.

flash forward to Sunday. sister D is in pain and... we go to the ER, internal hemorrhoid... so we stayed home the rest of the day. lots of people came to give her blessings and brings us food. then another knock comes at the door. It's our investigator J. we're not supposed to have gators in our living space... but I didn't want to turn her away so we sat and talked and we set a date for her baptism. we're coming over tonight to invite her kids to baptism. Happy Face for Tiwi! so even when we're home sick we still manage to invite to baptism. :)

lots of love,

Kaylee Johnson

My week...

January 13, 2014

wow, sound like a full week. Don't worry about the origami blossoms, I cant make those either , but I'm really good at cranes. The joint email was cute. I liked that.

ok so my week went as follows. P day on Monday, Tuesday was a normal Tuesday, Wednesday was Zone conference. we were told it was at 10 but at 9 we got a call from our Zone Leader saying it was at that went until about 4. the Stake Relief Society presidency made us lunch. They inspected our car and we did well. not perfect but still good. that night our car was doing funny things and it over heated on us so we left it at the church for the night and took it to the shop on Thursday. turns out the Brother who filled our fluids didn't put the cap on the coolant properly so we ran out, but we got it all good and got the oil changed.

ummmm... we Met with our investigator J and took her on a church tour right before a baptism which she stayed for part of. Yay. she really sweet. she's going though a lot of junk and is working towards a better life for her and her kids.

we didn't get to meet with S much this week, she was busy but she's moving along well.

We met a less active named S who lives in a nursing home. she's only 24 but her family is scattered around the states and she has some sort of muscle or bone thing...we're not sure. but she's awesome.

umm... ooo we keep getting hints that there'll be another set of sisters!

I keep meaning to ask you, what's the elevation of Airdrie? Delta's like 4961 ft or something like that.

we went to a birthday party for a woman in our ward. she's awesome! there were party hats. I had 3 on. no pic, sorry.

ooooo there is a new painting that I love. It's called Worlds Without End. by Greg Olson. AWESOME! I want a copy.

but yeah... that's how it's going.


oh, the library will be closed on Monday next week so emails will be on Tuesday

An extra email this week sent out to friends and family...

Quick shout out to friends and family. I am alive and doing well.
I'm loving my area and my companion.
we're working hard and teaching a lot, like a lot a lot. like last week we only taught 24 lessons but it was 35 the week before.
no baptisms but we're progressing with 3 of our investigators. we're working with lots of less actives and a few of them are coming to church. Yay!

We're going to a sister p day today, so all the sisters in the area are going bowling and playing games and eating junk food. my comp and I are bringing Pit. for those who have not played the game, it's so amazing, and loud, and just, fun. lots and lots of fun!

There were 38 convert baptisms in the mission in December! that's 38 souls who will be forever blessed from the Gospel. How exciting!

yup yup, that's my life as a missionary,

loving you all,

Sister Kaylee Johnson

Finally.......the package.

January 6, 2014

I got the package Monday night. thanks a bunch, the cds are awesome. the chopsticks made me laugh. as did your hiding of the egg. what was in the pringles cans cause it was just crumblies when they got here (Merangue cookies)and the glass in the picture was smashed. sad face :( loved the dino sours.
haven't made it to Montrose for the Morfar money. I'll try today to pay with debit. i'm working on memorizing scripture in French, so far I have the first vision, Helaman 5:12, 1 Nephi 3:7, 2 Nephi 9:28-29, and 3 Nephi 11:29 and I'm reading the Book of Mormon all the way through in French. just for kicks and giggles. It really hasn't been too cold here. a few days ago I didn't even ware a coat.

we went to our Delta ward mission leader's house for new years eve. Bro Hughes. we played cards and munched on snacks. Wednesday was our all day p day so we really didn't do much of anything. that was nice. we did go to a members house for dinner with the Uncompahgre elders and played Clues. Elder C left from Calgary. I remember someone telling me a bout Elder Fairbanks. I just forgot to tell you. that's cool that you're his first area.

yeah, that's my life...

love you,


and an extra email :)

The Lord Prepares

We had a spectacular experience this week. we received a referral last week and had been trying to get a hold of this woman for while. we finally got a hold of her. she's been going through a very hard time. she son died of cancer a few years back and she's recently divorced her husband and was in a very bad car accident and she was questioning why she lived.

she told us of a dream she had where her son was helping her through three different levels to the highest. she described the levels to us and what she was describing were the Degrees of Heaven. Sister D and I just looked at each other and gave her the Plan of Salvation lesson.

there is no doubt in my mind that her son is trying to help her in her journey to the highest degree. there is no doubt in my mind that it wasn't an accident that we came in contact with her and I feel so blessed to be able to help her in what little way I can.

that's my miracle of the week.

Sister Kaylee Johnson

Christmas and beyond...

December 30, 2013

yeah got the email from Chayce, so cute! ummm ok, sure Maddy can wear the boots if she really wants. ummmm
we had to drop D, she flat out said she wont get baptized and C just keeps blowing us off. sad face...
I'm still sick, got some more drugs. hoping to get better soon.
we're really just trying to build up our investigates, people who are genuinely interested. I think we found one with J, we tracked into her last Sunday.
Still no package, maybe it's at the mission office, I'll call tomorrow.
Wednesday is and all day p day, we're probably going up to Montrose, we'll see about cashing the money morfar sent me then.
Glad you got my package. Bro Swan is cool.

I should have warned you that Bernard doesn't like playing DVD much. oh well,

anywho, that's life.

Love you



SO....I happened to be on the computer when the email came in, so we had a little "chat".....

ME: "tell us about Christmas! What did you do? Where did you go?

Sis J: ummm not a heck of a lot, visited less actives, played cards with members. nothing particularly awesome... at all...

ME: did you not go to someplace for dinner? and did you have fun christmas eve?

Sis J: yeah Christmas eve was fun, ate food, watched Joy to the World, played cards. ummm ok so Christmas, we visited the Andasola's help trim his goats hooves, went to our neighbor's for dinner #1, she's not active and was slightly drunk...Dinner # 2 was Sister B, nothing special... but it was good.

ME: ok….I’m laughing at the dinner #1. And so now you are all knowing at how to trim goat hooves…lol

Sis J: yup... the things you learn on your mission. sooooo chayce...engaged... nice

ME: it will be a christmas to remember anyway ;) That package MUST be at the mission home. Good grief, it was mailed and should have been there by the 18th at the latest. Did you at least get the card??

Sis J: I got the card! Thank you. good that he's happy. she seems cute.

ME: and the music was ok?? Nice christmas stuff.

Sis J: nice pic, the music is great! it's good to have more. there's only so many times you can listen to a cd before you go crazy. oooo so found out we can watch 17 Miracles and Ephrum's Rescue! yay

ME: nice!! we have both, so perhaps I can copy and send to you? or do you have access there?

Sis J: a copy would be nice. it's good to have something to watch besides The Testaments

ME: okeedokee. I will do my best. No pics this week?

Sis J: ummm sure, wait up

Us and the Zone Leaders on Christmas Eve


ME: nice goat :) lol You look happy. makes me happy.

Sis J: I am happy. I like the letter on Christmas eve. that was nice (Sis Clark, the bishop's wife had called me and asked me to send a special Christmas email for Kaylee, to surprise her on Christmas eve. She also got a gift for her, which was sweet)

ME: I’m glad. Did you like the gift from Sis Clark? She told me about it.

Sis J: yeah it was sweet, I was literally telling sister D I needed crayons.

ME: Hopefully you will get the package this week!!! Love you much. Glad you are happy…. try to get better!! Chuu~

Sis J: chuu chuu~

Almost Christmas...

December 23, 2013

I'm glad Sister Clark got a hold of you. happy happy happy. I really hope you don't get sick. having been sick all week I can say it's not good. so Bronchitis. yay... I'm on like 4 different kinds of meds. Two cough suppressants, a steroid and an antibiotic. I had to go to the hospital for a breathing treatment. there was morphine in it so I was soo loopy.

I'm looking forward to chatting with you tomorrow. will be fun.
I haven't gotten your package yet but I'm hoping it comes today.
not fun for dad. hoping he gets better, and Grandpa too. Grandma says he's not doing so well.
Prayers for them both.



And then some post scripts.....

yeah, im a brat. ok D is good. I haven't seen her this week but we're making progress. she's still iffy on God. grr.
C is awesome. we gave her a church tour last Friday and we're having dinner with her tonight. she hasn't been coming to church though... her husband is against it. sad face. we have an awesome gator named T who we're progressing with but she's moving out of the area on Thursday. sad face again... that really all the big ones...