Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Great things are happening...

February 18, 2014

Yes package sorry i ment to tell you last week but i forgot. we wore the socks on friday. i got both the eatmore bars cause sister W is allergic to nuts....yup...they were yummy! Just as i prommised i took pictures of stuff. i'll probebly have to send like 3 emails to fit them all.

cool about rob, i'll pray for him ;)

awesome sause about elder R! (Elder R is our friend who finally got his visa for the Netherlands and left this week after serving in Ohio for almost 3 months)
ooooo so J is getting baptised on march 1st and im going to get permission to go cause she wants me to sing and bare testimony and i love her soooo much! it technicaly wont be my baptism but it so is.

not fun on the hurt toes...sad face :(

nice pic of chayce, that's hot... i liked the group letter, so funny.

so we've been doing better, we have like 1 investigator and like 3 potentials that we have appointments to go see. things are moving forward. forward!

sooo Sister W's old collage roommate is coming to our mission next mounth. yeah...i wonder if'f she'll be training her but i doubt it cause it doesnt make sence for them to split us up since we're white washing the area but it's happend before and you never know with President murdock, or the Lord i suppose. we'll see what happens we still have 3 weeks in the transfer so...

yup yup. so we have a BIG zone training tomorrow when i say BIG i mean LONG like from 7:30 - 3:30, that's 8 hours, president will be coming and doing interviews. sooo LONG. we have to get up super early to be there on time.

so that's my life,

love you much much



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