Tuesday, February 18, 2014


February 10, 2014

NOOOO WAYYYYY President Prince. has a nice ring to it. Our old bishop was called to be Stake President...)
the Sawyers who we had dinner with told me about Elder Fairbanks mom. I'll be sure to look for her. not that i know what she looks like but anyways. the Sawyers are soo funny. they raise rabits for meat so we both got pelts. lol they dont start buchering until like march so no meat for us. adn they've offered us the option to come and go as we please even if tehy're not there we can come in and raid the fridge. (why does fridge have a 'd' but refrigerator doesnt?) tehy promised they'd keep sherbet for me and popcicles fro my comp. soo funny.

soooo we mostly go visit the members but we did get 3 new gators on saterday while i was in GJ on exchanges. but while i was there i met some very strange people. had a nice conversation with one. she's not interested but it was still good. and one reeealllllly missinformed old man...reeeealllly missinformed....

anyways. I havent aken any pics but i promise i will this week. Promise.

loving you lots

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