Monday, November 25, 2013

7 gators and a diamond

Twas a short letter this week. She attached a photo supposedly of her and her companion, but a picture of some boots came instead. Hmmm…

Dear momma,

We have dinner appointments almost every night. We have like 3 for Thanksgiving.(she was asked if they went out on dinner appointments a lot…concerned mother thing)

I'm emailing Elder R so I know about the Ohio thing. I was just telling his that we have several visa missionaries here so it would have been fun if he came here but he'll have a good time in Ohio. (Elder R is her friend who was supposed to fly to Netherlands today, but flew to Ohio instead because of no Visa yet)

Ok so this week we got 7 new gators and one diamond. That's 7 investigators and one with a baptism date. 'C' is on Date!! But she didn't come to church this Sunday . :( sad face. We spoke in Delta sacrament... well Sister D spoke, I bore testimony and we sang in Unconphagre (the other ward they work in). Our gator 'D'came to that. We were soo happy. We didn't think she would cause we had had the W.o.W. lesson with her and it didn't go over well, but she came and that's what matters.

We got snow, not a lot, but the locals say it was the most they've had in years, soo…

Tell Sister Wasden I got her card and sent her something today.

oooo for Christmas I would like some CDs, Piano Guys and church stuff. They told us we weren't allowed to listen to Disney and I swear you could hear my heart break.

That's cool that Elder B remembered me cause I sure don't remember him. lol (Elder B is an elder who was serving in our ward, his first area, when she came home from China in 2011. He is now serving his last transfer in our ward again and remembered Kaylee)

lot of love.

Sister Johnson

Kaylee and her companion…hahahahaha


a few days ago Sister D says "you haven't met Mr. Bob yet have you?" "nooo..."
she goes to the corner of the kitchen by the back door.

she pulls out the pox and there lies...

a tortoise, a big tortoise named Bob

so we pulled him out and took some pictures.

for almost 3 weeks I've lived in this house and I didn't know of the tortoise living in the kitchen.

Monday, November 18, 2013


November 18, 2013

Hey Mom,

Sad about the weather, it's still sunny here.

ok so my week...
Well we got 6 new investigators this week in Delta ward and some potentials:

We found a lovely lady who's not a member but her parents were and she has a deep seeded respect for the church. We hope we can meet her again and teach her more.

We met with a new gator, C, her, her husband, her daughter and her brother all took a lesson with us and it was really good. I think the whole family will be baptized.

We found a young man named R who goes to the local high school. He's really receptive and seemed genuinely glad to have us teach him.

D is progressing and we had a wonderful lesson with her. She prayed and it was just so spiritual that my comp and I were both crying.

We had interviews with the president and he is really impressed by our work. yay
We're hoping and praying for another set of sisters so we don't have to balance the work out. There's enough work for two sets and we're spread thin.

We got to attend a baptism on Friday, that was nice.

lots of love


Sister Johnson and MTC comp, Sister R

A lovely sister at church gave me green candies because I'm a greeny :)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Safe and Sound

First email from the field….

Hellooooo Mama,

I am safe and sound. Sorry about you not getting an email but life goes on.
Okidoki. So my companion is Sister D, she's from North Carolina and has been out about 3 months. She is real sweet and puts up with my inadequacies. All my district from the MTC came out to Colorado, same mission. We're over two wards, the Delta Ward and the Uncompaghre Ward. They've been having problems with some missionaries in the past so we got a lot of cleanup to do. I'm still trying to learn names and the like, mostly the investigators vs. less actives.

Sad face about my mug. (I washed her favorite mug in the dishwasher…it got ruined) I left the DO NOT DISHWASH with Skyler before we left. Oh, I did love the bag, thanks a bunch.

Weather has been really nice, like 14c all week, and lots of sun.

We live at a member's home but they're out of town until December so it's really just us and the wild cats…..ugh, the cats. Evil creatures…

On Thursday, my comp was sick, like real sick, so we had to stay home. I studied and drew most of the day.

Can't think of anything in particular that I need…ooooo pictures. I didn't bring any pictures of family and stuff. I'd like some of those please. When you send stuff use USPS and put my full name on it.

Welllll….I don't really know what else to say. Don't let the kids kill each other!

Love you lots and lots

Sister Johnson

Friday, November 8, 2013

Where in the world is Sister Johnson?

So... on Monday, November 4, 2013, Sister Johnson left the MTC for the wilds of Colorado. Well, Denver actually. We figured that the mission home would send us an email letting us know she had arrived and all was well, just like Chayce's did in Argentina. Not so. For 3 days we waited for an email and nothing came. So on Thursday (7th) I called the mission home and asked where the heck she was. The sister that answered the phone at the office just laughed and told me she would look it up for me. She remembered Kaylee arriving...something about the color of the top she was wearing.

Sister Johnson's first area is a town of about 9000 called Delta, Colorado. It is about 75km (47 miles) southeast of Grand Junction. Very rural place. She is living in a family home which is on a small acreage outside of town. So being the stalker mother I am, I googled it and found this street view…

Looks good to me!