Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Safe and Sound

First email from the field….

Hellooooo Mama,

I am safe and sound. Sorry about you not getting an email but life goes on.
Okidoki. So my companion is Sister D, she's from North Carolina and has been out about 3 months. She is real sweet and puts up with my inadequacies. All my district from the MTC came out to Colorado, same mission. We're over two wards, the Delta Ward and the Uncompaghre Ward. They've been having problems with some missionaries in the past so we got a lot of cleanup to do. I'm still trying to learn names and the like, mostly the investigators vs. less actives.

Sad face about my mug. (I washed her favorite mug in the dishwasher…it got ruined) I left the DO NOT DISHWASH with Skyler before we left. Oh, I did love the bag, thanks a bunch.

Weather has been really nice, like 14c all week, and lots of sun.

We live at a member's home but they're out of town until December so it's really just us and the wild cats…..ugh, the cats. Evil creatures…

On Thursday, my comp was sick, like real sick, so we had to stay home. I studied and drew most of the day.

Can't think of anything in particular that I need…ooooo pictures. I didn't bring any pictures of family and stuff. I'd like some of those please. When you send stuff use USPS and put my full name on it.

Welllll….I don't really know what else to say. Don't let the kids kill each other!

Love you lots and lots

Sister Johnson

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