Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Christmas and beyond...

December 30, 2013

yeah got the email from Chayce, so cute! ummm ok, sure Maddy can wear the boots if she really wants. ummmm
we had to drop D, she flat out said she wont get baptized and C just keeps blowing us off. sad face...
I'm still sick, got some more drugs. hoping to get better soon.
we're really just trying to build up our investigates, people who are genuinely interested. I think we found one with J, we tracked into her last Sunday.
Still no package, maybe it's at the mission office, I'll call tomorrow.
Wednesday is and all day p day, we're probably going up to Montrose, we'll see about cashing the money morfar sent me then.
Glad you got my package. Bro Swan is cool.

I should have warned you that Bernard doesn't like playing DVD much. oh well,

anywho, that's life.

Love you



SO....I happened to be on the computer when the email came in, so we had a little "chat".....

ME: "tell us about Christmas! What did you do? Where did you go?

Sis J: ummm not a heck of a lot, visited less actives, played cards with members. nothing particularly awesome... at all...

ME: did you not go to someplace for dinner? and did you have fun christmas eve?

Sis J: yeah Christmas eve was fun, ate food, watched Joy to the World, played cards. ummm ok so Christmas, we visited the Andasola's help trim his goats hooves, went to our neighbor's for dinner #1, she's not active and was slightly drunk...Dinner # 2 was Sister B, nothing special... but it was good.

ME: ok….I’m laughing at the dinner #1. And so now you are all knowing at how to trim goat hooves…lol

Sis J: yup... the things you learn on your mission. sooooo chayce...engaged... nice

ME: it will be a christmas to remember anyway ;) That package MUST be at the mission home. Good grief, it was mailed and should have been there by the 18th at the latest. Did you at least get the card??

Sis J: I got the card! Thank you. good that he's happy. she seems cute.

ME: and the music was ok?? Nice christmas stuff.

Sis J: nice pic, the music is great! it's good to have more. there's only so many times you can listen to a cd before you go crazy. oooo so found out we can watch 17 Miracles and Ephrum's Rescue! yay

ME: nice!! we have both, so perhaps I can copy and send to you? or do you have access there?

Sis J: a copy would be nice. it's good to have something to watch besides The Testaments

ME: okeedokee. I will do my best. No pics this week?

Sis J: ummm sure, wait up

Us and the Zone Leaders on Christmas Eve


ME: nice goat :) lol You look happy. makes me happy.

Sis J: I am happy. I like the letter on Christmas eve. that was nice (Sis Clark, the bishop's wife had called me and asked me to send a special Christmas email for Kaylee, to surprise her on Christmas eve. She also got a gift for her, which was sweet)

ME: I’m glad. Did you like the gift from Sis Clark? She told me about it.

Sis J: yeah it was sweet, I was literally telling sister D I needed crayons.

ME: Hopefully you will get the package this week!!! Love you much. Glad you are happy…. try to get better!! Chuu~

Sis J: chuu chuu~

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