Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Where in the world is Sister J?

February 3, 2014

Sister Johnson is in Fruita. Fruita 2nd. we're white washing the area meaning that we're basically starting from scratch. the elder who were here last transfer had to be emergency transferred due to disobedience and they left it a big giant mess of messy stuff. so we need to work on getting the members back in to the swing of missionary work and get our books all up to date and cleaned up. today we're going to be shopping in Junction and cleaning our apartment cause it really needs it. like bad.

I'm kind of stressed but we've been given some good ideas on how to move forward. Sister W is my new companion. she's nice.

oooooooo funny talk. Hank Smith 'Friends' sooooooooo funny! listen to it. oh, could you possibly in your next package send me some talks like from John Bytheway and the like? I havent gotten you'r package yet but it should be coming. It must be hard to keep track of all the missionaries and their mail. lol.

ok so the pics they were all gators. J is on date for baptism along with her two children. I'm praying that I'll be able o go . I'll probably need special permission but I don't think it should be a problem cause we're not that far from Delta. and we're really close to Utah. like 15 miles away from Utah, like our area goes all the way to Utah. we're the very faaaarrrrr end of the mission.

if you could make sure I have some money in my account. we have some hard core shopping to do and I need a GPS. not now but later.

If you could tell Chayce. My companion is Jeremy from Studio C's sister. And he just had a baby boy two days ago. I'm in the know.

so yeah. that's my life in Fruita. Frutia is like Drumheller, Dinosaurs every where. they have some trail and museums that we'll probably go to some day.


love you much much,



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