Tuesday, February 18, 2014

This week.....short and sweet

January 27, 2014

Dear mommy,

let me explain some slang terms so you'll understand. you trainer in the mission is called your parent so sis D is my mom, her trainer is my grandma and so forth. If two missionaries get a third to train together they have a child. cause we're cool like that. so we had exchanges with the bosses I went up to Montrose with Sister B (My Grandma) when we got back sister D tells me we're having a baby! yay so we get to co train a greeny. fast forward to the next day being Friday. we get a call from President saying that I would be transferred and sister D will get two companions. a greeny and another one. sooooo we spent much time rearranging the room to fit another bed and desk... sooooo I'm leaving Delta. will find out where tomorrow.

flash forward to Sunday. sister D is in pain and... we go to the ER, internal hemorrhoid... so we stayed home the rest of the day. lots of people came to give her blessings and brings us food. then another knock comes at the door. It's our investigator J. we're not supposed to have gators in our living space... but I didn't want to turn her away so we sat and talked and we set a date for her baptism. we're coming over tonight to invite her kids to baptism. Happy Face for Tiwi! so even when we're home sick we still manage to invite to baptism. :)

lots of love,

Kaylee Johnson

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