Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My week...

January 13, 2014

wow, sound like a full week. Don't worry about the origami blossoms, I cant make those either , but I'm really good at cranes. The joint email was cute. I liked that.

ok so my week went as follows. P day on Monday, Tuesday was a normal Tuesday, Wednesday was Zone conference. we were told it was at 10 but at 9 we got a call from our Zone Leader saying it was at 9...so...and that went until about 4. the Stake Relief Society presidency made us lunch. They inspected our car and we did well. not perfect but still good. that night our car was doing funny things and it over heated on us so we left it at the church for the night and took it to the shop on Thursday. turns out the Brother who filled our fluids didn't put the cap on the coolant properly so we ran out, but we got it all good and got the oil changed.

ummmm... we Met with our investigator J and took her on a church tour right before a baptism which she stayed for part of. Yay. she really sweet. she's going though a lot of junk and is working towards a better life for her and her kids.

we didn't get to meet with S much this week, she was busy but she's moving along well.

We met a less active named S who lives in a nursing home. she's only 24 but her family is scattered around the states and she has some sort of muscle or bone thing...we're not sure. but she's awesome.

umm... ooo we keep getting hints that there'll be another set of sisters!

I keep meaning to ask you, what's the elevation of Airdrie? Delta's like 4961 ft or something like that.

we went to a birthday party for a woman in our ward. she's awesome! there were party hats. I had 3 on. no pic, sorry.

ooooo there is a new painting that I love. It's called Worlds Without End. by Greg Olson. AWESOME! I want a copy.

but yeah... that's how it's going.


oh, the library will be closed on Monday next week so emails will be on Tuesday

An extra email this week sent out to friends and family...

Quick shout out to friends and family. I am alive and doing well.
I'm loving my area and my companion.
we're working hard and teaching a lot, like a lot a lot. like last week we only taught 24 lessons but it was 35 the week before.
no baptisms but we're progressing with 3 of our investigators. we're working with lots of less actives and a few of them are coming to church. Yay!

We're going to a sister p day today, so all the sisters in the area are going bowling and playing games and eating junk food. my comp and I are bringing Pit. for those who have not played the game, it's so amazing, and loud, and just, fun. lots and lots of fun!

There were 38 convert baptisms in the mission in December! that's 38 souls who will be forever blessed from the Gospel. How exciting!

yup yup, that's my life as a missionary,

loving you all,

Sister Kaylee Johnson

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