Monday, March 3, 2014

Canadian Gold

Dear momma,

I heard about the medals, sooooo happy and proud and rubbing it in my comps face in a nice way. but yeah, Canada dominates Hockey.

so it's all warm here starting to be green and robins are everywhere. all is well. ummmmmmmm ooh yeah. if you could in my Easter pkg send some talks by John Bytheway and Hank Smith. sooo funny and I want some. sister F is cute. we were greeting and handing programs and she came and shook my comps hand and said "you I need to hug" and hugs me and says" this is from your mom" and I say " sister F." yeah. 'twas awesome. so it's funny how the people in the area have more contact with you that I do....

I don't have a lot of time this week so it's shorter that usuall, sorry, I guess i'm like chayce. (Chayce's letters home were usually shorter than this one)

but I do get to go to J's baptism. i'll take pic.

love you

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