Monday, March 3, 2014


(In response to my stating we are having super cold -40c weather...)um ewwww. thats grose. icky icky icky. well it's be kind overcast and rainy this week, but i think its clearing up. so stuff to tell you, so one of our investigstors dropped us, sad face. but we got a new one that we are both sooo excited about. like tottaly pumped. sister W just thought it be cool if you two could converse so she sent her mom your info and i sent you her's.
ok. on wedensday we went to mutual with the laurals and painted pottery. was much fun. Saturday was J's baptism and that was just so spectacular! There's a song we listen to and I think the lyrics go well with the situation, " The most wonderful sound I ever heard, was the sound of water running in the church. As someone I'd come to love got dressed in white, my eyes saw their first glimpse of heaven's light."

so happy.

so if you could look up Kokopeli for me that wouild be awesome. i think he's good luck and like, the god of fertility or something but he's everywhere here. i have pics.

i love the Sawyers. they are so fun. (A family in the ward she is serving in)

yup yup. so a few days ago i tripped and it wasn't spectacular or anything but i jarred my wrist pretty good and i pulled a muscle in my leg. luckily we have a massage therapist in the ward and she's helped.

well im running out of time.

love you lots



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