Monday, December 16, 2013

Mature, sophisticated servants...

Dear Mama,

I think I forgot to tell you, we'll be skyping. don't know exactly what time but I'll let you know next week.

So this week hasn't been the best number wise, but we took "C" on a church tour and that was nice. The Uncompahgre Christmas party was Friday and we went to a member's family party on Saturday. lots of fun. we also went to a baptism on Saturday in Montrose. Sisters B and B taught them. They're our Sister Trainer Leaders. Sister B is going home on Tuesday, she's from Taber! yay!

I love the Buffy tribute. We don't have a tree but everyone has Christmas lights. like, a lot. (Buffy is our albino hedgehog who died a few weeks ago)

Oh, I'm not getting transferred, neither is Sister D. Yay! Staying in Delta. And we will do awesome. We will baptize C and D. I am determined!

and thus is my life.

Loving you,



We are mature, sophisticated servants of the Lord

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