Monday, December 2, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

No pictures this week because "somebody" forgot their card reader…HOWEVER, we both managed to be online at the same time and had a nice conversation via back and forth emails. FUN!! I did tell her that I needed a fabulous letter, and this is what she wrote...

Helooo Family!

This week has been hard cause of the holiday, most of our investigators either weren't home or too busy to see us. We did have Sister's conference in Grand Junction on Wednesday and that was real nice. President and Sister Murdock came and spoke. We were able to help out D with some yard work after that which was awesome. That's the first service I've done! I really love D, she's such a wonderful lady. I'm making her something for Christmas. Shhh... don't tell her…

On thanksgiving we played in the Turkey Bowl. that's the Delta ward all got together and played football. even me! and you know me, I don't football. I'll watch but I can not play. we had several dinner appointments but we could only go to two cause they were so close together. we had on at 2 with the H's then another at 4 With the S's. We had to roll our selves out of the house, so much food.

I'm pretty sure instrumental will be fine. I'm looking forward to having more music. I love music. (I questioned her about music she can listen to)

Christmas is coming! everyone has lights and decoration up and the music is playing and its nice. now that it's actually December I'm good with it all. its when they start decorating in mid November that I don't like.

For money we have a debit credit that they give us with $180 ish a month for food and such. So I use that.

It's getting cold here and they're calling for snow sometime later this week but it wont be too much. but it should be in the low teens in temp, that's in ferinhight for you Canadians who think that's not that cold. It's not that cold but my comp is from north Carolina so she's freezing all the time.

Thanks for the package, I got it on Friday. Thanks aunt Anita and uncle Derrick for yours too.

ok, one thing that happened tis week. we were playing around with an exercise ball on Thursday and I bounced it a bit too high and the light cover fell down and shattered... my bad. We bought a new one today so we'll fix it when we get bad again...

We have exchanges on Friday with the Sister Trainer Leaders so we'll see how that goes. Transfers are coming quick and its more than likely that we'll be split up. we have 17 new Missionaries coming in and 10 are Sisters! the majority! so we're in need of trainers and I cant train but obviously my trainer can. So I'll probably get a follow up trainer coming here and Sister D will move on, but it's really impossible to say.

here you go momma, a nice letter for your blog.

love you lots,

Sister Johnson

oh forgot to tell you. that lady we live with is in California but should be home on Saturday or Sunday

D is an investigator. she's really spiritual and likes budist stuff. she wont quit smoking. is sad, but I love her.

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