Thursday, October 31, 2013

First Letter......FINALLY!!

It's been over a week since Kaylee entered the MTC and we FINALLY got the first letter from her!

Happy Halloween!

It's finally PDay! sorry i couldn't tell you earlier but, you know.
haha funny thing. we can check our email everyday we just cant reply. OK so you sent the package on Saturday but by the time i got the slip the post office was closed. so i didn't get it until Monday. i had already read you email so i knew what it was before i got it. woot. also the letter i didn't get until Monday night. odd.

lots of stuff has happened, no kidding. My companions name is Sister R, she's nice and we get along well. i'm rooming with another companionship, Sister E and Sister N. we all love each other and the Elders in our district are awesome. all our Zone but us left earlier on in the week. Two of the elders had to be transferred to Saint George Utah. they were going to New Zealand and had to wait for visas but the MTC forgot about them and they were here for a long time. boor Elders. We've been teaching some 'investigators', 'Chris' and 'Jessica'. Chris is really excited about the Gospel and is going to be baptized. Jessica isn't interested in the church she just likes to know about religions.

hasn't snowed here yet but it's getting colder every day.
sorry about Buffy. :( sad face. (INSERT: Buffy is our pet Albino Hedgehog that died yesterday (30th) )

food is good, eating lots, (thanks for the cookies and MnM's) but we have gym almost every day so im working it off. more or less.... im actually really sore from yesterday.

went to the temple this morning at 6:30 in the morning! i almost fell asleep. Sister E did. lol

classes are good, days are long.

took me until Sunday to find Elder Rasmussen. I found Sister Di Olivera and Sister S, you know, the girl i met on Facebook.

I think that's all for now... no pic today sorry. We're leaving early Monday and probably wont get a PDay for until the Monday after. don't panic, i'm not dead.

lots of love, Chuu~

Sister Johnson

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