Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sunday in Utah

Finally got to Utah, and the first thing we did was go to "Music and the Spoken Word" on Sunday morning at the Tabernacle. Front row seats :) It was great to be there, and it was a very good broadcast, the theme being "Simplify". Her daddy is going to miss her!
After the broadcast, we were able to spend some time on Temple Square just walking around and enjoying the weather. Ate some crabapples growing there and gathered a bunch of Chestnuts...why? Why not! Such gorgeous fall colours!!
After Temple Square, we spent some time driving around. Ended up at the Mt Timpanogos Temple. Again, gorgeous fall colours. We found a park right across the street from the temple and right in the middle was an apple tree, full of ripe apples. We had to try them, so up Maddy climbed, and boy, were they delicious! All in all, a wonderful, relaxing, peaceful Sunday.
So many ripe juicy apples!! Yummy!
Mt. Timpanogos Temple

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